Dr. Kristi Wolfe

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Dr. Kristi Wolfe, Psychologist

Dr. Kristi Wolfe is a Licensed Psychologist who works with children, teens, and adults. She offers a number of services to assist clients in making genuine changes in their lives, including assessment, individual therapy, play therapy, and family therapy. Her specialties include anxiety, stress, grief, teenage concerns, and young adult issues.

Dr. Wolfe earned her Doctorate of Psychology from Baylor University in 2012, after graduating summa cum laude with an undergraduate degree from Miami University. She has completed a year-long residency at Family Service and Guidance Center in Topeka, Kansas, working with children and families. In addition, she has trained at other highly regarded sites such as Baylor University Counseling Center and Talitha Koum Therapeutic Nursery.

As a psychologist, Dr. Wolfe has training in working with a wide variety of psychological concerns. She has additional focused training in the areas of Cognitive-Behavioral/ Exposure therapy for anxiety disorders and Play Therapy with young children. Dr. Wolfe recognizes that her clients have unique strengths and needs, and she therefore integrates a variety of theories and interventions into treatment plans tailored specifically for each individual and family. She offers a number of services to assist clients in making genuine changes in their lives, including assessment, individual therapy, play therapy, and family therapy.

Dr. Wolfe provides a safe and supportive environment to help children, teens, adults, and families reach their greatest potential. She is empathic, respectful, and non-judgmental. She is willing to collaborate with schools and medical professionals in order to provide the best care possible for her clients. Her passion for helping her clients find happiness and success in their lives is evident in every aspect of her practice.

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