Dr. Katarina Ament

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Dr. Katarina AmentDr. Katarina Ament completed her bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Iowa and her master’s and doctoral degrees at Loyola University Maryland. She has experience working in private practice, community mental health, college counseling, and hospital settings.

Katarina works with individuals and couples to uncover the root of their concerns and make long-lasting change. She treats clients as people, rather than patients, and utilizes an integrative approach that is tailored to each individual in order to best meet her clients’ needs, help them lead happier lives, and have healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

She believes the key to successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship.

She takes the time to get to know her clients and their individual story and helps her clients gain new insights into their concerns. Most importantly, she values trust and genuineness in the relationship. While therapy is generally more effective when clients are able to be open and honest with their therapist, Katarina strongly believes this goes for the therapist, as well, and strives to be open and honest with her clients.

Katarina works primarily with adolescents, adults, and couples. Her clinical interests include: stress, adjustments/life transitions, relationship concerns (regarding family, friends, or partners), trauma (physical, sexual or emotional), anxiety, depression, and other mood-related concerns.

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