Dr. Elil Yuvarajan

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Dr. Elil Yuvarajan

Dr. Elil is known for his collaborative approach to therapy—working closely with his clients to define their goals in therapy and defining progress. He works to build a trusting therapy relationship. Clients find his informal manner and supportive approach make him easy to talk to, even about difficult issues.

In therapy sessions, clients will often explore patterns in how they relate to others. There is often an emphasis on becoming aware of motivations and drives that need to get met, and how to approach those in healthy ways.

Dr. Elil grew up in Fargo, North Dakota and earned his Bachelor’s degree from Washington University and his master’s degree from Purdue University. Before becoming a psychologist, he worked in Human Resources for several companies around the world.

After deciding to become a psychologist, he went back to school at Baylor University and earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. While at Baylor, he had the opportunity to work with a variety of diverse clients and presenting problems and he uses these experiences to help his clients now.

Dr. Elil specializes in working with:

  • excessive worry and anxiety (he taught graduate classes at UH-Clear Lake on Anxiety and Stress Management)
  • depression
  • unhappiness with the quality of friendships, work relationships, family relationships, and/ or romantic relationships
  • dealing with past or present trauma
  • substance abuse concerns
  • couples of all sexual orientations
  • communication difficulties and trust issues
  • career change

I look forward to meeting you and helping you overcome the challenges in your life.

p.s. Everyone struggles to say my name, so don’t feel shy about calling and giving it a shot. I promise I won’t be offended. If it helps, it’s pronounced “eh-lill.”

Meet Dr. Elil. Here’s a brief intro about his work with clients.

Watch Dr. Elil’s part in a video about anxiety disorders for the Mental Healthy Gateway website.


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